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sábado, 12 de febrero de 2011

Amor Segunda Parte

I never talked about Love and I will never do because It does not exist. Maybe we can find something alike, but not exactly. Phenomena of your mind. That's what it is.

Those who don't believe in it seem to be the hopeless kind. Sorry, but... get a life.

3 comentarios:

Radioactivenigth dijo...

La pura verdad Benn!
como dice Violencia Rivas "El amor es un invento un juguete roto, el amor es soportar la mierda del otro" (?)
Bueno basta, che se te extraña
pasate por mi blog cuando quieras besos

The first human on Mars dijo...

I once read that people who don't believe in love or in fact, think that love doesn't exist have that idea in mind because they had never loved someone before or worst...they had been hurt, really hurt.
I used to hate love but reading that was what changed my point of view. I would definitely understand if you don't agree with me 'coz it depends on each one. Maybe words have two meanings,maybe I understood what I wanted to...

Ivanna dijo...

Trully believing that there is no absolut truth for anything... Probably I could say that love is not a trophy you get when you reach the finish line, is the path you walk to get there ... More than an acquisition, is experiencing a state of consciousness of the whole ... There is no way to “get“ love, love is the way ... Some people simply wrong to crave the "reward at the end" and neglect the tracks where they step...