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domingo, 4 de julio de 2010

dream & Desire

There is no need to worry about them
There is no need to care about me

You need to think about you
Find a home in your heart
And forget about the world

Don't worry, you'll get used to it
Relax and close the doors
To the passerby that looks angered

Pretend you don't exist
And the joy you will not resist.

2 comentarios:

delfina f. dijo...

fue muy lindo leerlo en voz alta.
personally, i'd love to take your words and put them inside of my pocket, just for a few seconds, so that i can forget about this world for a while and fall in love with my own imagination.

Mariana Soledad dijo...

Sos un ángel... you don´t have to worry about ... Who knows? Lightning Could strike